Toni Doilney

 Toni Doilney - Zion Toni Doilney - Tree Skiing Toni Doilney - Flower Market Toni Doilney - Following the Trail Toni Doilney - Main Street Toni Doilney - Broken Rock Toni Doilney - Magic Beans Toni Doilney - Preserve Toni Doilney - Quakies Toni Doilney - Safe Harbor Toni Doilney - Close Your Eyes Toni Doilney - Sunflowers Toni Doilney - Desert Architecture Toni Doilney - Strata
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 Toni Doilney - Zion

40" x 30" acrylic

Tree Skiing
 Toni Doilney - Tree Skiing

48" x 36" acrylic

Flower Market
 Toni Doilney - Flower Market

SOLD  48" x 30"  acrylic

Following the Trail
 Toni Doilney - Following the Trail

32" x 54" acrylic 

Main Street
 Toni Doilney - Main Street

30" x 48" acrylic  

Broken Rock
 Toni Doilney - Broken Rock


Magic Beans
 Toni Doilney - Magic Beans


 Toni Doilney - Preserve

SOLD  36" x 48" acrylic  

 Toni Doilney - Quakies


Safe Harbor
 Toni Doilney - Safe Harbor


Close Your Eyes
 Toni Doilney - Close Your Eyes


 Toni Doilney - Sunflowers


Desert Architecture
 Toni Doilney - Desert Architecture


 Toni Doilney - Strata










Toni Doilney is a contemporary folk artist, living and working in Utah. Her paintings are a unique blend of abstraction and expressive reality. She graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University with a degree in Fine Arts and went on to do graduate study in primitive art traditions at American University.

Her paintings rely on a stratified perspective, a layering of textured surface and vibrant color, to give voice to the imagined landscape. There is a rhythm of forms, a tactile glimpse of house, tree or garden, that when pieced together, resemble fabric loosely thrown over the earth. The perceived simplicity and naivety strikes a chord with the viewer, as if they are calling up their own comfortable memory.

She has been juried into the 2009 and 2010 American Art Collector and received an Award of Merit at the 2009 American Women Artists National Juried Exhibition.

“Paintings, like poetry or music, are essential nutrients that help people sustain healthy lives. They’re not recreational pleasures or sidelines. They are tools that help us grasp the diversity of the world and its history, and explore the emotional capacities with which we navigate the world. They illuminate, they humble, they nurture, they inspire. They teach us to use our eyes and to know ourselves by knowing others.” Roberta Smith, art critic, NY Times

Toni Doilney: "Roberta Smith says what I feel about the importance of painting. I think that paintings act as prisms and can reveal so much about the artist, the viewer and the world."

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