Aleksandr Reznichenko

 Aleksandr Reznichenko - Lavender Carpet Aleksandr Reznichenko - Provence
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Lavender Carpet
 Aleksandr Reznichenko - Lavender Carpet

39" x 67" oil 

 Aleksandr Reznichenko - Provence

35 1/2" x 40 1/2" oil 









Aleksandr was born July 31, 1968, in Kharkov, Ukraine. He was chosen at the age of 11 to enter the prestigious Art School. In 1983, he entered Kharkov State Art College, graduating in 1987 with the highest honors in his class. In 1997, he was commissioned to restore the interior paintings of the Dmitri Chuch in Kharkov. His works are found in private collections in the Ukraine, Russia, England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, France and USA

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