Irene Sheri

 Irene Sheri - Sunlit Irene Sheri - Shall I Irene Sheri - Daydreams Irene Sheri - Grace Irene Sheri - Serenity Irene Sheri - Violinist Irene Sheri - Waiting Irene Sheri - Over Here Irene Sheri - Solitude Irene Sheri - Flight Irene Sheri - Ruby Red Irene Sheri - Golden Harvest Irene Sheri - Countess Irene Sheri - Emerald Irene Sheri - Looking Forward Irene Sheri - Orange Dress Irene Sheri - Entangle
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 Irene Sheri - Sunlit

24" x 30"   Oil on Canvas

Shall I
 Irene Sheri - Shall I

SOLD 40" x 10"   Oil on Canvas

 Irene Sheri - Daydreams

40" x 10" Oil on Canvas

 Irene Sheri - Grace

SOLD 40" x 10"   Oil on Canvas

 Irene Sheri - Serenity

14" x 40"   Oil on Canvas

 Irene Sheri - Violinist

40" x 30"   Oil on Canvas

 Irene Sheri - Waiting

39 3/8" x 24 1/8"   Oil on Canvas

Over Here
 Irene Sheri - Over Here

29 1/2" x 29 3/4"   Oil on Canvas

 Irene Sheri - Solitude

SOLD 40" x 30"   oil

 Irene Sheri - Flight

SOLD 48" x 22"    oil

Ruby Red
 Irene Sheri - Ruby Red

SOLD 40" x 10"   oil

Golden Harvest
 Irene Sheri - Golden Harvest

48" x 22"   oil

 Irene Sheri - Countess

40" x 30" oil

 Irene Sheri - Emerald

SOLD 24" x 17"   oil

Looking Forward
 Irene Sheri - Looking Forward

40" x 30" oil

Orange Dress
 Irene Sheri - Orange Dress

48" x 22" oil

 Irene Sheri - Entangle

48" x 58" oil  triptych

 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Metamorphisis

SOLD 40" x 30"  oil

Golden Apple
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Golden Apple

SOLD 48" x 22" oil

 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Bittersweet

SOLD 46" x 42" oil

 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Polina

SOLD 36" x 18"   oil

Power of Imagination
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Power of Imagination

SOLD 48" x 42" oil

 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Victoria

SOLD 32" x 16"   oil

 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Memories

24" x 20" oil   SOLD

 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Assol

SOLD 41" x 35" oil

Wind of Change, Triptych
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Wind of Change, Triptych

SOLD 48" x 58" oil









Irene Sheri came into the world a painter. More so, Irene came into the world gifted with inherent love and a natural eye for the beauty around her. Starting in early childhood, she began embracing her need to create, to capture, to express what she saw. Painting and drawing quickly became her love letters to the world, and by nine years old her lifelong passion was certain.

Irene’s professional journey began in an art school for small children. Six years later, as a young adult student in Grekov Odessa Art School, Irene had already emerged as a highly talented artist, participating in local exhibitions and winning her first awards, including Young Artist of the Year. After earning a degree from Serov’s Saint Petersburg Art School, Irene went on to hone her craft at the highest level, in the Russian academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, whose halls have been fostering and protecting the most sacred elements of fine art for almost 300 years.

True professional acclaim came when Irene received the State Prize in Art and was accepted to the Artist Trade Union of Russia. Her works increasingly appeared throughout Russia and in many European and online galleries. It is this expanded international exposure that ultimately ushered in the present part of her life.  

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