Daria Bogoslavtseva

 Daria Bogoslavtseva - Sunbathing Daria Bogoslavtseva - Market Daria Bogoslavtseva - Beach
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 Daria Bogoslavtseva - Sunbathing

23 5/8" x 31 1/2" oil

 Daria Bogoslavtseva - Market

23 5/8" x 25 1/2" oil

 Daria Bogoslavtseva - Beach

SOLD 23 5/8" x 27 1/2" oil









Bogoslavtseva Daria grew up in the shadows of Caucasus Mountains in the city of Tuapse, Russia on the coast of the Black Sea. Like many artists Bogoslavtseva’s love of FINE ART began at early age and there was never a question about her future profession. FINE ART was always her passion.

In 2012 Daria graduated from Krasnodar Art College, School of Easel Painting. Right after her successful graduation from Krasnodar Art College Bogoslavtseva moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia, and began her studies at the Imperial Academy of Art, recognized as one of the best schools in Europe for Fine Art.

Educated in top tier environments she has developed tremendous experience and mastered an array of different art techniques. Today she successfully applies her knowledge and skill in different genres of art. Bogoslavtseva has worked in watercolor, pastel drawings, tempera, acrylic and mixed media, but gives her preference to oil. Sketches also make up a large part of her portfolio.

While travelling Bogoslavtseva has had the opportunity to paint and sketch throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Italy, Thailand, Cambodia and United States, and her work may be found in private collections and galleries in Russia, Ukraine, England, United States and China.

Exhibitions and Awards
2007 - Creative Art competition finalist. Sochi, Russia.
2011 - Bogoslavtseva receives Governor’s Art and Culture Award.
2013 - The artist takes part in an annual plein air competition. Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2013 – Participates in “First Impression” art exposition. Pskov, Russia.
2014 – Bogoslavtseva takes part in “Best Drawing and Sketch” exposition. Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2015 – Daria Participated in an International plein air competition organized by “Tradition” Art Club. Crimea.
2015 – Participant in an “Art Workshop” exposition supported by the Socio-Cultural Initiative Fund. Sevastopol, Crimea.
2016 – Participated in “Russian Atlantis” plein air project. Rostov Veliky, Russia.
2017 – Bogoslavtseva participated in academic drawing exposition. Guangzhou, China.
2018 – Personal exhibition. Tuapse, Russia.


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