Julia Klimova

 Julia Klimova - May Julia Klimova - Summer Treats Julia Klimova - Leaving Only Memories Julia Klimova - Uninterrupted Silence Julia Klimova - Midnight Whisper
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May's Dream
 Julia Klimova - May

48" x 48"   oil

Summer Treats
 Julia Klimova - Summer Treats

30" x 30 "   oil

Leaving Only Memories
 Julia Klimova - Leaving Only Memories

36" x 36"    oil

Uninterrupted Silence
 Julia Klimova - Uninterrupted Silence

36 1/2" x 48"    oil

Midnight Whisper
 Julia Klimova - Midnight Whisper

48" x 40" oil

Ethereal Landscape
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Ethereal Landscape

SOLD 40" x 60"   oil

Middle of Summer
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Middle of Summer

SOLD 48" x 36" oil

Yellow Poppies
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Yellow Poppies

SOLD 36" x 30" oil

Towards the Light
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Towards the Light

SOLD 40" x 30" oil

Winter Talks
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Winter Talks

SOLD 36" x 36" oil

Hurry to Live
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Hurry to Live

SOLD 30" x 30" oil

Rainy May
 Click Here for Selected Sold Works - Rainy May

SOLD 48" x 48" oil









Julia Klimova was born in southern Russia where the land’s light, sun, and warmth influenced her perception of color and also helped her creativity accumulate from the childhood images of beauty in nature and life. Her subjects are diverse, consisting of still lifes, portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes. The use of vibrant oils enhances her paintings’ emotional quality and composition, creating both unusual and exhilarating scenes meant to lift the spirits of the viewers.
Julia’s work has been exhibited internationally in places such as Toronto, New York, Boston, Atlanta, and United Kingdom.

Julia lives with her husband and two children in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

2000: MA in Fine Arts, Rostov State Pedagogical University
1990: Diploma, Kamensk Art School for Children

Work experience:
2004-present: Artist (full time)
2000-2003: Interior Designer

Shows and Exhibitions:

2016, May Abstract Contemporary International Art Exhibit, Fredericksburg Good Art Company, TX

2015 Fall Group Show,Crescent Hill Gallery, Mississauga

2015 Solo Show “new REALITIES”, Mirada Fine Art, Denver, CO

2014 Solo Show, Laqerquist Gallery

2014 Art Expo, New York
2013 Art Expo, New York
2011 The Artist Project, New York
2010 Solo Show, Towne Square Gallery, Oakville
2009 Art Sale at Art Gallery of Hamilton
2009 Toronto Art Expo, Toronto
2008 Annual Women Art Show, Opus Gallery, Cleveland, OH
2007 Two-Artist Show, Loretta Goodwin Gallery, Birmingham
2007 Artexpo, New York
2006 Summer Salon, Jules Place, Boston
2006 Introductions ’06, Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta
2004 Artsclamation!, Knoxville, TN
2004 Show of Botanical Garden Artists, Newfoundland
2004 Show of Art Association of Newfoundland & Labrador


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2015 June American Art Collector
2014 January American Art Collector
2012 October American Art Collector
2007 Tasteful Texture by Marti Davis, News Sentinel
2006 Drawn to the Edge: Celebrating the Art Collection of North America’s Easternmost City, The Catalog of the Civic Art Collection of the City of St. John’s, Newfoundland
2006 Fine Art Connoisseur
2006 Art Galleries & Artists of the South



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