Samir Rakhmanov

 Samir Rakhmanov - Evening at Cafe Aux Folies Samir Rakhmanov - Studio Model Samir Rakhmanov - Cheese Market Samir Rakhmanov - At the Cafe
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Evening at Cafe Aux Folies
 Samir Rakhmanov - Evening at Cafe Aux Folies

SOLD 19 5/8" x 30" oil on panel

Studio Model
 Samir Rakhmanov - Studio Model

59" x 25 3/4"   oil  2019

Cheese Market
 Samir Rakhmanov - Cheese Market

SOLD 37 3/4" x 31 1/2" oil

At the Cafe
 Samir Rakhmanov - At the Cafe

SOLD 23 1/4" x 35 1/4"   oil  2019









Samir Rakhmanov was born in Ukraine in 1994 and raised in Azerbaijan.

In 2012, he moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia to study at the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

He graduated from the Institute’s Painting Department in the studio of Professor Kalyta.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and in other countries.

Abstraction as such is the basis of any image. Any formalization and understanding of the image –recognition of the visible – occurs only when the image from the outside world is transferred to the brain for processing. Therefore, working with abstract forms allows the artist to directly deal with the raw, unfiltered material, which in turn can directly affect the viewer's subconscious


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