Elena Grin

 Elena Grin - Cuban Still Life
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Cuban Still Life
 Elena Grin - Cuban Still Life

43" x 42 3/4" oil








Born and raised in Nalchik, Elena Grin is an artist currently based in Krasnodar. She works in different genres such as still life, portrait, landscape and animalistics.

Her style was influenced by a wide range of interests in various visual genres, techniques, manners, as well as education in two different specialties.

The first speciality Art And Designgave her structural thinking, interest in the graphic approach and stylization in the visual arts.

The second speciality Easel Paintinggave her an academic, theoretical and practical basis in the traditions of the Russian realistic art school.

After graduation, the desire to learn how to use new techniques and methods of expression led her to the workshops of recognized Kuban masters of realistic painting, where she continued her development as an artist.

Since 2011 she has been a member of the Creative Public Organization Union Of Russian Artists. The very same year she received the Grand Prix at the Fanagoria Art contest and took part in an exhibition in Germany, Karlsruhe, which was her first foreign experience.

Since 2014 she has been a regular participant in art symposiums in the region of Cappadocia, Turkey. The resulting landscape works, dedicated to the local nature, were presented at the exhibition in Ankara in 2014 and received an award and gratitude from the diplomatic mission of Russia in Turkey.

Since 2020 she has been a member of the Creative Public Organization Association Of Southern Italian Artists. Every year she does plein air work and participates in traveling exhibitions in that region.

In 2020 the IWS London Gallery held its first international painting competition using coffee as a media where Elena’s work To Drink Or Not To Drink? That’s The Question took fifth place, and since that artwork a whole series of paintings made with this coffee painting technique started.

Elena regularly participates in Russian and foreign projects. Her works have been presented at exhibitions and many of them are currently in private collections in Germany, USA, Turkey, China, Colombia, India, Italy, Romania, Jordan, Bulgaria and many other countries. At the moment, she continues to work and plans new exhibition projects and plein airs.


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